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I love singing Roy Orbison's song, "Crying," and one time I had the opportunity to sing it in Roy's hometown in Texas. I was touring with my vocal group, "Three Hits and a Miss." We were performing onstage in the old high school auditorium. I assumed this to be the same High School Orbison attended and I imagined that he very well may have performed on this very stage.

After the show we did a meet and greet and as we were greeting the guests and signing CD's, I noticed an older guy, stereotypical 70 something Texas dude with a cowboy hat walking over to me. I thought for sure he had gone to high school with Roy and was going to tell this to me. He walked up, introduced himself and then he said,

"That song you sang... 'Crying?'"

(Yes... yes.... are you going to tell me you were pals with good ole' Roy?)

"Did you WRITE that song?"

Utter confusion. What? No! Totally blew the dream out of my brain.

Next song I should have sung was Orbison's "In Dreams..."

Click the link to hear a live recording of me singing, "Crying."

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