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Updated: Apr 6

Yesterday was an up and down day. My mood just bottomed out. Alot of it has to do with how I allow myself to react to outside stimulis. I really should breathe in those moments. Take the moment to take deep breaths. I don't. The only breathing are heavy sighs of exasperation. My body freezes like an app no longer able to function properly and when you try to do anything, it just doesn't. When this happens, instinctively, I have learned and know to close the app and reopen it to reset it. So I have to also learn how to reset myself.

Perhaps humans are beginning to evolve to behave like this. When we are overwhelmed, we cease to function and the only way to resolve this is to reset ourselves like an app gone wonky.

So, we have focus our knowledge and what we have learned with computers on ourselves. Apps were created to function like human beings but faster and immediate. We have become addicted to this immediacy and are frustrated when we ourselves, cannot perform this way.

We have to now turn around and teach to ourselves what we painstakingly taught the computer. Now, the computer is set on course to teach itself. We keep getting blocked.

We have to train ourselves to reboot.

Its how we must now function.

It may be the only way we can survive.

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