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8 Reasons Artists should avoid comparing themselves to other artists

  1. They have a tendency to focus on what other artists are doing and question why they are not doing the same. ​ This comparison leads to self-doubt and a feeling of inadequacy.

  2. They may believe that they need to conform to certain standards or create art that will sell in order to be successful. This pressure to meet external expectations can hinder their creativity and prevent them from expressing their true artistic vision.

  3. They may seek validation and praise from others, constantly worrying about whether their work will be noticed and appreciated. This external validation becomes a driving force, causing them to lose touch with their own artistic authenticity.

  4. They may fear that their work is not unique or original enough compared to what other artists are producing. This fear of being unoriginal can lead to a lack of confidence and a feeling of being stuck in their artistic development.

  5. They may not fully tap into their own emotions and personal experiences when creating art. By not connecting with their own feelings and inner self, they miss out on the opportunity to create art that is truly unique and reflective of their own perspective.

  6. They may not fully embrace their own individuality and the value of their own artistic voice. By constantly comparing themselves to others, they overlook the fact that their own perspective and style is what makes their art special and different from others.

  7. They may lack self-belief and have a fear of failure. Comparing themselves to others can reinforce their insecurities and make them feel like they will never measure up to the success or talent of other artists.

  8. They may not have a clear sense of their own artistic goals and purpose. Without a strong sense of direction, artists may feel lost and constantly compare themselves to others as a way to gauge their own progress and success. Overall, the act of comparing oneself to others can be detrimental to an artist's creativity, confidence, and overall artistic growth. It is important for artists to focus on their own unique journey and embrace their individuality in order to overcome this feeling of being stuck. ​

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