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Unleashing Creativity: The 5 Benefits of Doodling for Mind and Soul

Updated: Apr 5

  1. Doodling helps prevent daydreaming and keeps the brain attentive by keeping it in a neutral and standby state. ​

  2. Doodling engages the brain in a repetitive task, similar to knitting, which helps corral extra brain waves and keep them engaged subconsciously. ​

  3. Doodling relaxes the brain and encourages creativity, allowing fresh ideas to surface and important memories to be refined and remembered. ​

  4. Doodling can help process emotions that may be difficult to express in words, providing a visual outlet for describing and soothing emotions. ​

  5. Doodling is a meditative practice that calms the mind and gives it a break from sorting through thoughts, preventing mental chaos.

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