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All images on this page ©2020 Rob Dorn

I started this project with the intention of adapting a one man play I wrote called, "BobFred." I wanted to start getting a social media following while in the process by presenting a daily strip about the process of making a graphic novel about my life.

As soon as I added my cats as characters, what can I say, they took over! So in the process of this all, "BobFred" the comic strip was born. As you scroll down through the strips, you can see the development as I go. The character styles evolve and we meet additional characters like "CoughDrop." So the strip is basically a look inside my brain. Please wipe your feet before entering. Oh, and I am still am working on that graphic novel as well.

As for BobFred the strip, you can start from the beginning below, and I hope you enjoy it!

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