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Artist Statement

Illustration - Storytelling - Courage

I was fortunate to have a Father who owned a printing company. Every week he brought home a ream of paper that I quickly filled with my pencil and crayon drawings. I was inspired by the works of Walt Disney, Charles Schultz, W.W. Denslow and R. Crumb. 


Early jobs in my career were at several Art Departments and firms that gave me the opportunity to learn and fine tuning my Graphic Design abilities.


More recently, lightning struck as I began working digitally and carrying around a digital tablet and pencil, I realized not only that I had a portable art studio but with the power of Illustration, Graphic Design and Storytelling, I could be a one stop shop, filling the roles of writer, illustrator, character designer, set and costume designer. I find it so rewarding and empowering to be able to create a world I delight in, one I can proudly share with others.

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