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Rob is based on author, Rob Dorn. This semi-autobiographical character lives in a charming house in Chicago's Edgewater community. He is an artist who happily puts up with a gang of house pets and a smart alec coughdrop. Whether the characters actually talk to him or whether it's his imagination, that is for you or his therapist to decide.


The "BobFred" comic strip was born in the Autumn of 2019. The comic strip is a semi-autobiographical look into the life of Artist/Writer, Rob Dorn and his house pets. It originally was intended to be a graphic novel about Rob's life and as he was beginning the process of writing and drawing, he decided to start posting vignettes about the process, featuring his two cats, Parker and Cooper. But soon enough, Rob had so much fun creating these vignettes that he put the graphic novel on hold and turned BobFred into a daily digital comic. Eventually, Milo was added to the strip as well as a CoughDrop because, why not?

Since it's creation, Rob has written and drawn over 700 strips and counting! BobFred is created digitally using the Procreate painting program on Rob's iPad Pro.

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